OUCH! Abdominal Pains!

I was in OB Triage yesterday for about 5 hours. For the past 3-4 days I’ve been having painful chest pains. Well, not really in my chest, but more around the right side of my rib cage. I ignored it for awhile and just figured it was “another one of thse pregnancy pains”. But after so many days I decided to check in with the Triage nurse to see what I could do for relief. When I explained what my symptoms were, the Triage Nurse told me to come in right away. I drove myself into Triage since Kevin was at work. When I checked in, the nurses told me Dr. Phillips was on duty that night. Good! They hooked me up to the stress monitor and all the other machines to monitor Baby and I. My Dr. came in and thought it may be gallstones. OUCH! So they did blood work and an ultrasound right away. The blood work came back negative, but the ultrasound was taking longer. After being there for 5 hours, my Dr. suggested I go ahead and go home, rest and take it easy. I had a schedule appointment with him in 2 days anyways.

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