35 weeks and counting….

Currently: 35 weeks Weight gained this week: 1/2 lb

We’ve reached 35 weeks today….and boy…I’m really starting to feel more pregnant everyday! The waddling is starting because of the aches in the hips, the Braxton Hick’s contractions are more and more everyday and the baby movement is unbelieveable! Aside from being 35 weeks pregnant….I’ve been sick for the past week and a half w/strep throat and a bad cold. Between running a fever, coughing, sniffling and a stuffy nose….I have the pregnancy aches and pains right along with it. Gee whiz….I’m definitely and 35 weeks and counting!!!!
Kevin made a comment the other day and said, “Wow….5 weeks or less and we’ll have a baby!” It’s amazing just thinking about it!! We’re scared, nervous and excited.

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