A busy day for baby….

….as well as Mommy and Daddy!

Grandma and Grandpa McMaster arrived yesterday to stay in Arizona for a few days.
We started off the morning with our monthly ultrasound. Bright and early, we went to the imaging center to get Baby’s 32 week ultrasound. After 52 pictures and images of the Baby, we got to peek around at several closeup images of Baby M’s face. Baby was bashful at times and decided to cover its face w/its feet and arms. The technician says I’m now measuring at 33 1/2 weeks rather than 32 weeks. And baby is weighing 4lbs 10oz. I’m predicting a February Baby!!!

Later in the afternoon, Vicki (a photographer)came to the house for our “maternity” photo shoot w/Kevin and I. It was so fun. Baby kept kicking and moving while we were taking pictures. The pictures came out great. I’ve never taken such initimate, “revealing” types of pictures before. Kevin and I took some fun ones as well. Here’s a sneak peek of our favorite shots:

Then at night we had our 2nd night of our childbirth preparation class. Labor, contractions, pushing, things to look out for..etc was the topics of the night. 2 more weeks of these classes.

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