Can you come out now Baby?

Not that I don’t love Baby being in my tummy….but we’re both going through a lot these past few weeks. Ultrasound confirms there’s definitely no room in my belly anymore. Baby’s head has been in position for the past 3 weeks or so, the cervix is already starting to dilate….we just need a sign from Baby that he or she is ready to completely come out!

On top of my venting and whining….my blood pressure has been elevated these past 2 weeks. Bedrest hasn’t seemed to change anything. There’s nothing more I can do except to continue my appointments with the Dr and continue my NST testing. Baby has always been very active during the tests which are good. It’s almost as though as Mommy is the one who is stressed.

Our next appointment with Dr. Phillips is this Friday and we’re hoping to get some good news about an earlier induction than March 5th.

Daddy’s leave/vacation started today. He’ll be off for a whole month and a week! YAY! It’ll be a lot easier now having him around to help me out during the days since I’m not allowed to be up doing things. Especially since driving by myself has become a no-no it’ll help me out a lot.

NST/Ultrasound: Had an NST appt go from the normal 20 minutes to 5 hours! Baby is doing well, but had to do more tests, blood work and urine test because my blood pressure has been elevated the past week in a half. Also had my ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid and everything is fine. I believe the range to be in is anywhere from 8-25, I was at an 11. (Whatever all that means!?) Baby M has been “engaged” in the pelvis for several weeks now, but Baby’s position was anterior as of the ultrasound. So he/she is definitely ready to go….just wish he/she would come out! YAY! Only 2 more NST’s to go.

Contractions: I had some intense contractions today while at my NST and once I got home. I think these contractions were the worse I’ve had in a few weeks. Though I didn’t have them close enough to make s run for the hospital. Kevin hates to see me in such pain but has been very supportive. There’s not much he can do to actually make me feel better or make the contractions go away, but I think he’s done a great job taking care of me and being supportive of my bedrest!

Other than that, nothing has changed. It seems my weight gain has stopped…again. I haven’t had any weight gain in the last 2 weeks. Total weight gain: 10 1/2 lbs. I was hoping to get a good 15 lbs total before the baby came out, but doesn’t look like that’ll happen anymore. So hopefully…less weight for me to lose post pregnancy!

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