Happy Birthday Konnor Elijah McMaster

…”Give me the DRUGS!” I finally got my epidural at 4am. Let me just say that an epidural is THE BEST thing ever. I don’t know how I could’ve done labored without it. Once the epidural kicked in, I couldn’t feel a thing. I couldn’t even move my legs. The nurses had to assist me everytime I moved to adjusted in my bed. By the time I was fully dilated and ready to push, I had no feeling at all and I’m kind of glad. Active labor didn’t seem so bad with the epidural.
…The Dr. broke my water bag
I was dilated 8cm.
I was completely dilated!

Between 5am and Noon, the Dr and Nurses wanted me to get some rest before pushing. With the help of the epidural I got plenty of rest.

After 13 hours of being in labor I was fully dilated at noon. Funny thing, the Dr told me that was the time he thought I’d be ready to push. Sure enough at Noon I was told to start pushing. But before I started to push….we had quite a scare. Baby’s heartbeat disappeared from the monitor. For about 10 minutes or so, the Dr and Nurses rushed to get the heartbeat back and to calm me down and have things go back to normal. It was the scariest feeling.

When I finally started pushing I didn’t think I was really pushing enough to make progress since I was so numb from the epidural. But after 30 minutes and less than 3 pushes…the Dr. said, “Daddy….look what we’ve got!” Kevin looked at me and with joy and happiness said…“It’s a BOY!” Instantly I cried tears of excitement and joy and felt a sense of completeness knowing that after 9 months….Baby Konnor had finally joined our family.

“Our home has grown by two feet” 12:29 pm 7lbs 6oz 20inches

I didn’t get to hold Konnor right away. They took him and cleaned him up, checked him, measured, weighed and did the agpar tests right away. It wasn’t til at least 40 minutes or so did I get to hold him. Daddy got to hold him for a quick second. I remember as I was still laying on the bed getting “cleaned up”, I asked..”Does he have a lot of hair?” The Dr right away said, “Oh yes..lots of hair.” When I finally got to hold him I took off his beanie to see his head of hair….our Dr LIED TO US! He doesn’t have a “full head of hair”. You would think with all my hair and Daddy had lots of hair when he was younger too, that Konnor would’ve been born with a FULL head of hair. Oh well….he’s still our adorable, handsome, precious, little one and we’re in love!!!

After moving to the postpartum rooms Kevin and I got a chance to relax and take it all in that we’re actually PARENTS! It was our first moment after the whole birth that we were able spend time w/o the Drs and Nurses.

Our first visitors were Grandma and Grandpa McMaster. Later that night Uncle Ed, Auntie Samana and Cousin Julian came to visit.
Oh man…my belly was “all baby” after delivery I noticed my belly had disappeared. I already started missing Konnor being in there. I wasn’t ready to weigh myself yet…I’ll do that in a few days.

Konnor shares his birthday with his “Auntie Maureen”. February 27th!

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