OUR year in review

It’s our 1 Year Anniversary!!!!

So here we are….1 year later. Boy how things have changed in just a year. All for the good of course!

This time last year I was up bright and early getting ready for my big day. I believe I started my day around 4:30am! Our wedding wasn’t til the evening! With all the preparation that us girls have to go through…it’s no wonder why we start so early. I guess a big part of it was that I just couldn’t sleep. Our wedding day was unforgettable. Everything turned out the way we had planned and more. Right after our wedding we took a mini-honeymoon to Sedona, AZ for some relaxation.

In May we returned to San Diego for our dear friends Steve and Emmalyn’s wedding which I was a sponsor in.

In June I attended eBay Live in San Jose for the company I was working for, Kevin went to San Diego to attend Chad and Debra’s wedding in Torrey Pines.

July was our most memorable month! We found out we were pregnant! It was the most exciting news. A big surprise to us as well! I also celebrated my 30th Birthday in Laughlin. Kevin planned a surprise birthday for me with some of my closest friends and family in Laughlin. It was a great weekend spent with good people. Didn’t expect to spend my 30th birthday..pregnant.

August was another spectacular month! Kevin surprised Baby and I with a new car. The car I had always wanted since it came out. An Acura TL! We also finally took our 2 week honeymoon to Vancouver, Canada and Alaska. It was tough being pregnant, but I made the best of it. Everything turned out wonderful!

In September we did more traveling. At the end of Septmber we took a weekend trip to Portland, Oregon to check out the scene. We also met up with friends, Alex and Kerri in Portland and had a wonderful time being tourists with them. This month was also our last trip to San Diego.

October we kept it low key since I was growing and having a harder time traveling a lot. I stopped working at Petsmart at the end of October. We also hit our 3 year anniversary of being together on October 5th.

In November we made a trip to the Bay Area to my parents house. We also had our Baby Shower there since we didn’t know if we could still travel later. Between the pregnancy and Kevin’s holiday schedule at work it would be tough to come out again for a shower. We also took a quick trip to Las Vegas to visit Jason, Amanda and Baby Evan. We also got a chance to hang out with my favorite cousin Joel and his wife Marie. They too are expecting! YAY! We celebrated Thanksgiving here in AZ. Mom and Dad McMaster came out for a few days to celebrate with us.

January came and went so fast. We went to Vegas (one last time) for Baby Evan’s Baptism which Kevin and I were Godparents. We also got to spend time with Joel and Marie again. We enjoy having dinner with them! We also asked Joel and Marie to be Baby M’s Godparents and they gladly accepted! We also made a decision to move back to California. We bought a home in Murrieta, CA (45 minutes North of San Diego) and plan on moving back in June/July of this year. We’re in for another busy year….

And now here we are….February 5th! A year later and we’re soon going to have a Baby! Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to travel anywhere for our 1 year anniversary. And unfortunately our day landed on Superbowl Sunday! Just my luck! Fortunately we spent the day with good people! Kevin’s co worker Eric had a superbowl party and we went there for the day. Eric and Kimberly are good people and we always enjoy spending time with them.
So here’s to one year…and many more exciting things to come in our lives! The best is yet to come….the arrival of our new baby!

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