Should we go to the hospital NOW?

Thank goodness Kevin had a 3 day weekend this weekend. I had been having so much contractions I wasn’t sure if it was actually time to head to the hospital or not.

Saturday we had our NST testing and again, it showed the contractions I was having..still no progress in dilating. Saturday night we just had dinner at home and relaxed watching movies and I had such strong contractions that I told Kevin, “I think it’s time.” A part of me was so nervous and wanted to wait it out. So I started walking around the house, drank some water and within 20 minutes or so, it all went away. Through the rest of the night I had contractions but they were intense, but still over 7 minutes apart. I was actually able to sleep through the night w/o waking up every few hours.

Today we did some grocery shopping and errands in case things progress and we don’t have time to do it later in the week. Walking around has been more and more difficult to do. Kevin noticed that my stomach has looked like it has dropped even more than it did last week. I feel like it has too. I think since it’s harder to walk and feels like I dropped more….it could really happen anyday. It’s all becoming more and more real to us both that anyday now…we’re going to be PARENTS! We’re so excited and can’t wait.

Our next Dr’s appointment is on Tuesday (Valentines Day). We’ll find out if we’ve progressed any.

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