Valentines Day – Our 13th prenatal appointment

Happy Valentines Day!

Currently: 38wks 2 days No weight gain this week

Today we had our 13th prenatal appointment! WOW…so many huh? Well things were good. I didn’t get to see Dr Phillips today, but we did see Deb a Nurse Practicioner. She’s just as great. She told us I haven’t dilated any more than the 1cm. I am 50% effaced though. That’s a good sign. I’ve told her about all the aches and pains going on, but most of it just comes along with the end of pregnancy. Still having contractions although sporatically. It’s getting harder and harder to walk. The baby is so far down into my pelvis it’s almost unbearable. Deb has officially put me on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy as well. If the baby doesn’t come anytime soon, Dr Phillips has decided to induce me on March 5th. Good thing is, they think they baby will come naturally before March 5th. So we’ll see.

So here’s a start of my “bedresting” days. Not so fun, but I can’t walk or stand much anyways so I guess it won’t be that bad…..

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