Desperate measures

With the lack of sleep Konnor has been doing through the night and all the crying and fussing he does when he’s awake, I decided to try everything I could to make things better. I’ve become desperate to find something that works. I read different things to try to do to comfort babies. I went out and bought the bear that makes the sound of the womb, a sling to hold him close by still letting my hands be free and special bottle nipples and pacifiers to reduce colic. So far, he hates the bear and the loves the sling. Don’t quite know if the bottle nipples and pacifiers are working.

Lastnight at 3am we woke up. I fed him, then changed him. He then cried so much it was so sad to listen to him cry. I bounced him around, sang to him, walked around, cuddled him..nothing seemed to work. I carried him in my arms into the bathroom to get something and turned on the fan instead of the light by accident. Suddenly Konnor stopped crying. I found it odd so I turned off the fan and turned the light on and he started crying again. After testing him for a few minutes, I realized that he liked the fan in the bathroom! What the heck? Of all things? I laughed for a bit and then sat on the chair in our bathroom while he fell asleep. Luckily we have a large and roomy bathroom. I joked and told Kevin that we’ll need to move Konnor’s nursery into our bathroom.

So far, I think we’ve found one trick!
Today Grandpa and Grandma McMaster came into town along with Daddy’s Godparents Aunt Harriet and Uncle Jim. The just came for a short visit to see Konnor. We went to dinner at Olive Garden and then hung out in our backyard til the sun went down.

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