How time flies!

Today Konnor is already 1 week old! Boy how time flies! I woke up today remembering exactly what I was going through a week ago….CONTRACTIONS! At 12:29pm today I kissed Konnor and said, “Happy 1 Week Birthday Baby!”

In just a week Kevin and I have gone through a lot with eachother and with Konnor. Konnor has grown with his personality in just a week. We notice all the funny facial expressions he has and what he likes and dislikes. We’ve been able to get somewhat of a routine for feeding and sleeping down as well. Strangely enough..parenting has been as bad as we thought it would be for the first week. Considering that we didn’t have any help since we got out of the hospital on Sunday it’s been pretty good. Kevin and I have shared all the responsibilities. Kevin and Konnor get to spend their quality time together as well so that gives me a break and time to relax.

Thankfully Konnor sleeps well at night. He wakes up twice, or sometimes I have to wake him up. He’s already become a little “piglet”…meaning he eats SO MUCH! And since he already has Daddy wrapped around his finger…he always gets more than he should be. Thank goodness for breastpumps!

It’s amazing to see how much our lives have changed in just a week. Konnor has brighten our days even more with that extra ray of sunlight. He has brought our family closer to one another and made us all stronger.

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