Just Konnor and Mommy

It’s been so long since I’ve gone anywhere by myself, meaning without Kevin. Now going anywhere is much more of a job than before. Since Kevin has gone back to work, I had to learn to do things with just Konnor. In the last week I’ve been wanting to go out and do some shopping but have been hesitant on leaving the house, dealing with taking Konnor out w/o help. But today I attempted to do so. I had planned on going to Babies r Us, Target and Kohl’s. Unfortunately we only made it to Babies r Us. It wasn’t Konnor that was the problem…it was ME! I was tired after one store! LOL Konnor was so well behaved when we were in the store. He slept most of the time but woke up for a bit and just looked around. I bought Konnor his “My First Easter” outfit….and then some! After buying much more than we had planned…we went home and took a nap! This Mommy thing is definitely taking a toll on me. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world…

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