Welcome HOME Baby Konnor!

We finally got discharged from the hospital today. It was such a nice feeling knowing we were finally taking our new bundle of joy HOME…where he should be. We got discharged and I went home to catch up on some sleep. Konnor’s first day in the house wasn’t too bad. He too caught up on some sleep. We introduced him to Meka (our cat) and then to his new room. He took a nap in his crib and I went to my bed. Boy…I had never enjoyed my own bed so much! Such appreciation after having slept in a hospital bed for 3 days!

Konnor’s first night home was wonderful. It was a joyous feeling to have him in the house. For the first night as parents, we were fairly surprised. He only woke up for 3 hours. Amazing for a newborn! We felt fortunate to have a pretty easy first night home as “parents”. Let’s hope for many more nights to follow….

Konnor had his 1st Dr. Appointment today. He had to have blood drawn again to check the status on his jaundice. We’ll get a call later on from the Dr.

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