Summer Heat is here

Boy, it’s really starting to get hot already. Today was almost 90 degrees. Kevin worked today. Konnor and I cleaned, played then took a nap(s). I’ve been trying hard to “nap when he naps.” Although it seems I’ve been falling asleep before him! LOL We took a morning nap together. We then went over to Temecula Wine Country to pick up a bake brie bread for tomorrow. Grandpa and Grandma McMaster is coming for the day and they’ll love the brie and bread. We came home and the house was baking! Since Konnor loves being in just his diaper, I let him! He played, we ate lunch and he played some more. Around 6pm he fell asleep. I thought it was just going to be a quick nap. Must be from the heat! Well…it’s 8:50pm now and he’s STILL asleep. I should be sleeping too! Unfortunately I’ve got dishes and laundry to finish!

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