1st prenatal appointment

I had my first prenatal appointment today with Dr. Im. He is so pleasant and sweet. After all the typical talk of medical history the Dr. recommended that he refer me to Dr. Anderson who is the “high risk” specialist for pregnancies. I had a feeling this would happen. Being that I’ve had high blood pressure prior to my first pregnancy and along with all the other complications I’ve had through my first pregnancy, it was the best thing. I’ve gained 4lbs and feel like I’m already showing! My back aches daily and I get light headed and dizzy throughout the day. I’ve been able to sleep fairly well. I’ve got my snoogle (total body) pillow out already! Totally helps me feel so cozy. Kevin hates it cause he can’t sleep near me.

Once I got home I had to take a nap. Kevin was wonderful and took care of Konnor and cleaned house. I was nauseous all day long, still having dizzy spells and my heart is palpitating like crazy. Although when I check my blood pressure, it’s fine. Still, Stage 1 hypertension….but what’s new!?

Konnor has been very cooperative with Mommy not being able to tend to him all day long. He’s great when it’s nap time. He seems to be understanding and not asking me to pick him up too much. He loves just sitting on my lap with me though. Even when he’s watching TV, he wants to sit in my lap. It’s so cute how he moves my hands to make room for his little bottom. Even when he wants me to do something, he takes my hands and puts them on whatever he wants opened, or given to him. He’s been doing such silly things lately. One of the cutest things is that when he sees food he says, “Mmmm”. Whether it’s on a TV commercial, someone else eating it, in the grocery store or a picture of it. You gotta hear him! He also has been a little devil and has been emptying out his toy boxes sitting in them. I caught him half way in his toy chest the other night! Night time has been great. Konnor has been going to bed right around 9pm. Still sleeping 11 hour straight and not crying at all when he awakes. I’m hoping it all stays this easy throughout the pregnancy.

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