May Day

Wow! It’s May already! Time is flying. It just seems like yesterday, we celebrated Konnor’s 1st birthday. And now he’ll be 15 months at the end of May. Konnor has learned a lot of new things this past week. Aside from his normal whinning and tantrums, he’s been starting the “seperation anxiety” a little more frequently. Nothing to the extreme. Just a few seconds longer of whinning when Mommy or Daddy is not in sight. But then he gets over it fairly quickly. He’s finally become more interested in books. It was always hard for me to read a book to him because he was never interested in it long enough. But now, I’ll find him in his closet (where his books are) and he’ll sit and browse through them himself. Occasionally he’ll bring a book to me and say, “Mom-Mom”. That means he wants me to read it to him. And now he’ll at least sit through half of the book! Konnor has also started to make more different noises with his mouth. He’s saying “Ahhh BA” a lot. And lastly his most favorite thing to do is to take things out of drawers (my drawers, Daddy’s drawers, his own..) and put them somewhere else! We call it “grab, stash and hide.” He’s been notorious for hiding things! Little devil.

The pregnancy so far is going well. No real symptoms still. Just frequent trips to the bathroom and LOTS of fatigue!! Boobs are starting to get tender, heavy and occasional sharp pains. I’m amazed that I haven’t been having morning sickness yet. About this time with Konnor I was puking all day long, nauseous and just not keeping anything down.

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