A week’s summary

It’s been a long, and tiring week. I’m still having an extreme case of fatigue! Still no vomitting, but lots of nausea. I’ve also been having back aches, headaches, dizzines and sore breasts. I feel like I’ve been eating like a cow….but still no weight gain. WHEW! Though this weekend I feel like my belly just popped out!

Konnor’s appetite has been a lot better. This week he ate spaghetti, lots of fruits, Honeycomb cereal, turkey, french bread and lots of fish. Thankfully he loves fish. We had salmon one night and halibut another night. Konnor has also been taking interest in learning to drink from a cup without a cover. I only give him water in the cup, but he’s really doing good. Of course sometimes he misses his mouth, but for the most part he’s getting the hang of it.

With the hot weather, Konnor’s had more chances to play in the water and in his pool. Thursday we went to Sea World and I remembered to bring his shorts. He played in the spinkler area. He loved it. Although, he threw a fit when it was time to go home! He’s also been spending a few hours in his pool at home as well as playing in the sprinkler. He’s such water boy!

This week we also had a photo shoot with Wittle Bitz Photography, here in Murrieta. Konnor met his first set of twins! Owner, Brianna has 11month old boy twins who are so friendly and sweet. I think Konnor thought he was seeing double! He stared at the boys and giggled. The twins were entertained by Konnor. Konnor was acting silly and the boys thought it was so funny.

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