No more floaties Mommy!

Konnor started his first swim lessons at 4months old. He did it for 2 years straight. He never had a fear of water. Even his first dip in the pool as an infant was easy for him. With the many days of swimming through the past Summers, and moving into a house with a community pool, Konnor has developed the LOVE of swimming. So much that he learned to swim on his own…without floaties! Yesterday after a whole day at the beach, we got home and he headed straight to the pool. He told me he was ready to try without the floaties.

This is the video of his first try:

I was so excited for him. He was surprised with himself and kept at it until the sun went down! He was so excited he couldn’t wait to show Daddy. So of course, as proof we took more video of this very cool milestone of his! We are so proud of you Konnor!

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