Sigmax Brushes

As I’ve recently become indulged in taking care of myself, this means adding to my makeup collection I finally got a chance to get some awesome brushes from Sigma. I’ve always been told you need the right tools for makeup application. Because I didn’t wear makeup daily, I never invested time and money in the past.

Their new line of face brushes, Sigmax Brushes sell for $42 for 3 synthetic face brushes. With age, I’ve been noticing age spots, sun spots and more so I have started wearing foundation and tinted moisturizer more often than before. I’ve done without these awesome tools before, but after much research on many other brushes and reading reviews from other makeup gurus, I decided to go for Sigma brushes.

If you’re in the market for makeup brushes, check out Sigma. They are also known for M.A.C dupes. If you’re not into paying M.A.C prices, definitely check out Sigma. You won’t be disappointed.

Are you an owner of these or other Sigma products? If so, which ones?

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