Fun ways to occupy your kids

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has active kids that get easily bored. As a family that is constanty on the go, takes many road trips and is need of occupying the boys I’ve been in search of new activities for them. I needed something perfect for the road trips, Dr. waiting rooms visits, church, restaurants and any other time they need to keep busy. I always have the boys bring something with them when we’re out and about because they get bored easily. I’ve done the coloring books, travel games, books, toys and bringing their Leapster game console with them. But I need to mix things up. On a recent trip to Geppetto’s Toy Store, I stumbled across these amazing activity books that were exactly what I was looking for.

Although it says it is for Ages 7-10, there are some activities and games that my son loves and can play on his own. There are others that are great for Mom & Dad to play with him.
Time Flies: Great games for Long Waits includes:

  • 17 pages of activities and games
  • 2 write & wipe pens
  • 1 clean-up cloth
  • Packaged in a carry-along tote
  • Book measures 9″ x 8½” x ¾”

I love how this has a little carrying tote. There are many other activity books from Peaceable Kingdom Press. The best thing about this find? It was on clearance for $7.97!! You can find it here on Amazon for $12.50.

Another great find I came across was Klutz The Slightly Odd United States of America Book. My son, Konnor loves anything to do with the United States. In this activity book there are interesting, fun facts about each state along with games, quizzes and word searches. Each colorful page is dedicated to one state; some of my favorites are the ones that have the funny state illustrations: a corn-cob Iowa and a Swiss-cheese Wisconsin. They are divdided by the Upper Right, Lower Right, Middle (sort of), Middle Middle and Left Side. It is such a clever activity book for kids.
This book was also on clearance for $7.97 at Geppetto’s. You can find it on Amazon for $10.44.
Check out this review on Klutz Books on Practical Travel
How do you occupy your kids during Dr. visits or long road trips?

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