My favorite kitchen gadget

We’ve had our indoor grill for almost 6 years now. We received it as a wedding gift from one of my best friends. Although my Husband would rather take care of “bbqing” on his outdoor grill, there are times when he’s not home in time or I just need to get cooking.
This was one of the many things on our gift registry from Crate&Barrel. I beleive they now sell a different brand. It’s a great gadget for our kitchen. It cooks our foods and meats just as well as it does outside. It allows me to have our bbq’d meals cooked and ready rather than waiting for the Hubby to get home to grill on his “man grill”.
I just had to blog about one of my favorite gadgets in my kitchen. One of my other must have in my kitchen is the Pampered Chef Chopper. This chopper lasts so long, doesn’t dull and makes chopping quick and easy!
Do you have something you love using in your kitchen? If so, what is it?

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  1. I love the Pampered Chef Chopper myself but you've already seen my post bragging about that. I did pick up another type of grill from Crate & Barrel it's the reversible grill that used your stove burners. Pros – you can cook steaks, pancakes, eggs, etc. for a whole family without getting out multiple pans and you can get the nice grill lines like a regular grill Cons – only cooks on medium and isn't as nonstick as advertised (unless I'm just using it wrong)

  2. Oh yes, I've seen the kind you have. That would be nice too. The one I have is great, definitely gives the food the "bbq grilled" taste still. It's cool cause it has different temperature settings depending on what you're cooking. Mine also came with two things. A griddle and a grill. I LOVE IT!

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