52 Week Me Challenge: Week 5

Wow, did I really make it through a month already with this challenge? I should look back and see how much ME time I really had.
Of course Memorial weekend was the big weekend plan. I grew up a Military Brat so I have all respect for the Men and Women who have served our country. Many people take Memorial day has a 3 days weekend, bbqing and taking time off. But do they really take time out to be proud of those who have fought for our country? I did my best explaining to Konnor why he had a 3day weekend and what Memorial Day was all about.
Although we didn’t have any major trips or anything planned, we had local functions to attend. With the Hubby working a lot we had hoped to spend some quality time together. Friday my Hubby was actually OFF! With the Memorial weekend, his Corporate people coming to town and the biggest weekend of Seaworld’s season he has been working like a mad man. Even when he was home, he was on the phone or responding to emails. But on Friday he left his phone in the house and we laid at the pool for hours. Our friend and his son came by and hung out by the pool. It was relaxing and nice to do absolutely NOTHING for a few hours. The boys are content when swimming, Hubby was tanning and well…me I was tanning even though I’m already dark. I should’ve been in the shade but I love the sun. No worries….I use plenty of sunblock. 
I woke up Saturday excited to get out of the house, not worry about laundry or cleaning. We were invited the beach to celebrate my friend’s teen daughter’s birthday. We were getting ready and my boys were acting up. They were fighting, being rude and not doing their chores. They were pushing my buttons all morning. By Noon I was done! I had enough! Their punishment affected us all. As excited as they were to go to the beach, I cancelled because of their behavior. Rarely do I change plans because of their behavior, but I wasn’t ready to deal with their behavior that day. Especially without their Daddy. So we stayed in and cleaned, organized, read books and colored. They weren’t too happy with me at first, but ended up enjoying their day afterall.
On Sunday we woke up late for church. I had a few more piles of laundry so I tackled it, knowing I wouldn’t be home the rest of the day. We had planned to go to my friend, Chris & Sherry’s house for a bbq. I had made my oh so yummy shrimp ceviche to bring over. 
Then came Monday I spent all day in the pool with a good friend of mine, Maureen. It was great girl time (with the kids). While we live a few miles from eachother, we don’t get to spend time together too often. It was nice to relax and hangout. We watched as the boys swam and played in the water. We got a chance to catch up. Relaxing by the pool with good friends are always a blast!
Didn’t have any plans for the week. A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Beautylish. I ended up winning. The prize was the new Mimosa nail polish by Chanel! OMG! I was so excited I had won. I had been eyeing this polish after seeing it on several other blogs. I only had one other yellowish nail polish, by Orly so I was hoping to win Mimosa. I received the polish in the mail on Wednesday and gave myself a manicure right away. Isn’t it gorgeous? So bright and summery! Just think LEMONS! Not sure why it’s called Mimosa, as I thought it would be more orangy. But nope, this is like lemons! I {heart} it!
I got a chance this week to focus on my blog(s). I did some research and got more ideas for what the kids and I can do during the week. With Konnor’s school year coming to an end, our Summer will officially start. That means we need more places to go, things to do and projects to create. The boys love crafty projects. My goal this Summer is to spend as much time OUT of the house. 
We’re off to the beach after my oldest gets out of school. Hope you all have a great weekend!!! Be safe.

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  1. Life by Cynthia

    Good for you Mel! Wow, maybe I should check out more giveaways! You seem to win often! I need to jump on the 52 weeks of Me challenge!

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