52 Week ME Challenge: Week 7

So I missed last weeks posting for the ME Challenge since I was out relaxing in Palm Springs! =) So here I am this week to recap my ME week. So I’m happy to say our little family vacation to Palm Springs was just what the family needed. As you may have seen from my June 16th Wordless Wednesday posting, we were relaxing by the pool. On Thursday we were at the pool for 8 hours straight!! We were completely lubed with sunscreen, hats and shade…so no need to worry. The boys enjoyed getting “tan” as they say. Luckily they take after Mommy and tan. Unlike Daddy who just gets “red”. They giggled reminding him that he wasn’t getting tanned while laying out, just getting red.

After we left Palm Springs, we headed to Arizona to visit my Bestie and her family. She recently had a baby girl, my GodDaughter, Madisyn Alexis. It was our first meeting and I completely fell in love. She is so adorable and is a very good baby. I barely heard her cry the whole weekend we were with her.
Spending time with my Bestie is always good times and very memorable. I miss her dearly and wish we were closer, especially now that she has her little one. We’ve been in different states for over 5 years now but we make visits every few months. Luckily we’re only 4 hours away!

Our time in Arizona was also special because it was Madisyn’s Baptism. Yes, this 3 week old beauty was getting Baptized. She was the youngest one and the most adorable. Ok, I was a bit biased.

Besties and God-Children. My Bestie is also my son’s GodMother
Of course we also spent Father’s Day while in Arizona. My Hubby is a wonderful and supportive man who takes very good care of us. He works hard and likes to play hard too. He loves us unconditionally and will do anything and everything for us. He knows how to make us smile (and knows when not to bother me). Although he’s still working on patience with our two boys, he is a GREAT Father!
During my vacay I also got a chance to sneak in an Ulta trip and buy some goodies for whoelse…ME!
I purchased some new nail polishes, hair products and NYX products. So yes, I was HAPPY!
Of course coming home from a vacation is never fun. Yes, it’s great to get back to our normal routine but it also means tons of laundry, no room service or maid service, cooks or Chauffers…that’s all back on ME. *Sigh*
Because Konnor was heading into his last week of school we had many last week of school functions. I was emotional everyday, knowing my baby boy was ending his school year and going into KINDERGARTEN! Monday was the 100th day of school for the EAK (early kindergarten students). They celebrated. Tuesday was Hawaiian day and his class did a special assembly for all their families. They sang all of the songs they learned through the year and received their “promotion” awards.
Even my son was a bit sad, knowing some of his friends were heading to another school in the district.
EAK 2011 being silly

Saying what he learned from class and getting his award from Mr. Long
Konnor’s class singing the “Tootie Ta” song
So that’s Son #1’s week. Son #2 is busy with his first season of Tball. As we ended a season for Konnor, Kameron started his first. He’s so happy that he finally gets to do something on his own, not always waiting for his brother to finish tball practice, school and music lessons. Now it’s his time to shine.
Tball Bumblebees 2011
There’s my ME challenge…a little bit of solely ME and the other part of ME, being ME (MOM)
This weekend I plan on getting a massage and facial. Then spending the day with my girlfriend shoppiing at Ulta (again) and getting some yummy cupcakes at Sprinkles. The boys are going to Grandma’s for the day on Sunday before she leaves on a 2 week vacation. YAY…now that’s what I call ME time!

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  1. Andrea

    What an awesome post!! Sounds wonderful!!! Enjoy your weekend…wish I could have a sprinkles cupcake!! Ha!!

  2. Onesie Mommy

    That's great that you got see that beautiful baby! She's precious. Sounds like a wonderful vacation all round.

  3. That sounds like such a fantastic trip! Hope you don't mind if I live just a bit vicariously through your beach photos…this mama is really craving some sand between her toes! Maybe next summer… 🙂

    (Stopping by from dollimama's blog!)

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