A Place for all MOMS (and Dads too)

Are you a Mom or Dad? Do you turn to the internet as a daily source of information? Do you spend countless hours searching the internet for a particular item? Do you read numerous blogs, reviews, articles…only to find that you still are unsure? Do you wish there was a site dedicated to Moms and all things Mommyhood to find what you’re looking for? Well look no further. Check out:
Rita, the founder of DotcomsforMoms is an amazing lady. She’s an inspiring woman, busy raising her 3 kids. Like most moms, she spends hours on the internet, shopping and searching for products and using the internet as her daily resource. In her findings, she realized how helpful it would be to have everything in a one stop shop.
This site will help you find all that you need on one site. It’s a site where the best of the best found on the web is compiled to make research easier! “Mom Mavens” help make up this fabulous site. Everything from best blogs, fashion, food, life, pregnancy, entertainment and MORE can be found on DotcomsforMoms. It’s not the typical Mom site that is a community of Moms with forums. It’s that and more.
I was fortunate to be part of a Focus Group introducing this awesome sight to 15+ other Moms. And was excited to learn about the site. I have still been online for hours, but more so checking out the site and seeing what it has to offer. There’s a plethora of information, ideas, tips and shopping. What I like the most is that it filters the hundreds of thousand other sites and gives you the “best of the web handpicked by Moms“.
Think Top 20 is still too much for your brain to think about? Try their FAB 5 picks.
I’ve listed some of my favorite parts of the site as these are things are research regularly (some daily) for my own blog and personal use.
Check out this new site and spread the word! If you already visited it, tell me what you think!

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