Wet N’ Wild Mega Lash Serum Review

Have you been intrigued by all the lash serums that claim to help your lashes grow, strengthen and then some? Have you been freaked out over all of the side affects many of the prescription serums have?
I have to say I was intrigued the first time I saw the Latisse commercial. Brooke Shield’s lashes looked awesome. Then when I heard all of the possible side affects I was like, “Uhh….false lashes work fine for me.” Well, I searched for alternatives because I of course didn’t want to discolor my eyelids or eyes. I didn’t want blurred vision or any of that.

My lashes aren’t short, but they are not as long and full as I’d like. My Mother admit to me that she cut my lashes when I was a baby because someone told her they’d grow back longer…NOT! They never really grew much. I also had a spot where the lashes were missing. So I had hoped to find something to help my lashes at least look longer, if not just fuller and thicker. It seems these days babies have such long lashes! Even my son who is 3 have extremely long lashes. I’m so jealous.

I was in my local Rite Aid back in April, looking at other beauty products and came across the Wet N Wild Megalash serum and Mascara. It was a Limited Edition bonus starter kit all for $6.99!! I was excited to try this out. I know that WNW has changed over the years and have really stepped up their game at being a great drugstore brand. WNW was one of the first makeup brands I ever used when I was a tween!

 The lash serum has an angled brush wand in which you apply to your lashes like an eyeliner. It does not sting or smell bad. It does have a smell, but it’s actually a pleasant smell. I’d say it smells a bit “lemony”. It says to apply the serum at night to a clean eye area. 

 The mascara wand is a typical wand. It was thinner on the side to get the lower lashes. Apply normally like any other mascara.

I started the process immediately that night. The product claims that in 4 weeks your lashes will look fuller, thicker and longer. Although I didn’t take photos at exactly 4 weeks, I started to see a difference. In 6 weeks there were full results.
These are my lashes before my first use of the WNW clincal serum. They weren’t bad, but I wanted to see what results I can get with a little serum help.

Overall I think this serum works. Not sure if 4 weeks is the magic number, but it definitely gave my lashes a boost. It made them thicker and healthier. I don’t see lashes falling out as often. The one thing about this product and possibly all other similar lash serums is that you have to use it religiously. I did skip about a week and started to notice lashes falling out when I would wash my face, while doing my skin routine at night.
But for the price and what it did for ME, I love it and will repurchase it as long as I can.

If you’re interested in trying this product. Click here for $3.00 off the Megalash Clinical Serum. If you’re lucky, you may still find the Starter Kit at your local drugstores.

Have you used this product or any other similar products? If so, how did they work for you? I’d love to hear your stories.

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  2. Unknown

    I purchased xlash eyelash serum from here http://www.xlash.net/ in hopes that it will work. I had very short and sparse eyelashes, close to non existent. I hoped to grow them a little longer and hopefully to get more eyelashes. Instructions said apply once a day and at first it was like, does it really going to work, this thin liquid? But by the week 6 I saw more eyelashes coming out and on week 10 or 11 I saw my eyelashes are touching my eyebrows, and curl! It was like a miracle! It was much more than I can ever expected.

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