52 Week Me Challenge: Week 9

A Hello Kitty Birthday
My Mom knows how much I love Hello Kitty. And as we were at the Vacaville Outlets in Vacaville, CA I discovered a Sanrio Outlet! OMG!!!! Yes, I was like a kid in a candy store. I browsed the store looking at all the “cutesy” little things they had when I spotted the jewelry case. *GASP* 
My Mom must’ve saw that look in my eyes. I couldn’t decide whether to buy the bracelet or the ring for myself. So…Yes, my Mommy bought me the bracelet for as my birthday present! She giggled about buying a Hello Kitty things for her 36 year old daughter’s birthday! LOL
Thanks Mommy!

And I guess I’m going a bit HK crazy this birthday. But I also got some lounge pants, flip flops and of course…the one and only HELLO KITTY VANS! Thanks Hubby!

And though I did not get this, my kids and my nephews wanted to point this out to me when we were shopping at the Vans outlet in Vacaville. They all thought it was perfect for me, even though I don’t skate. My son Konnor’s idea, “Mommy you can buy it and hang it on the wall in your room like Julian (my nephew) does.” My response, “I don’t think Daddy would like that too much, and I’m a Mommy, not a skateboarder like your cousin Julian is.” =)

Instead of a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake this year, my Mother in Law decided to surprise me with my favorite…
SPRINKLES Cupcakes! 

Photo by: Konnor McMaster
I had a low key, relaxing birthday with my Hubby. We enjoyed a quiet lunch together without the kids. Later at night we spent some time hanging out with friends. Tomorrow…we’re off to the races! Del Mar Racetrack! Wish me luck!

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