52 Week Me Challenge: Week 10

Ahhh the week is finally over! After coming back from a trip last week and celebrating my birthday I felt like I needed to get back on track with my normal routine. The week has been a hot and muggy week here in Sunny San Diego.
On Monday I had posted about our Day at the Races on Saturday. Hubby and I were able to go out for a day of fun. It was an extension of MY birthday celebration. 
I also finally downloaded Angry Birds (Rio) on my phone, thanks to my little nephew who kept asking me about it while we were on vacation. So I finally did and I’m hooked! One thing about me and games is that once I play, I want to finish it. So that I did! I finished the game within 4 days. I know, crazy addict! Now I know what the obsession is all about. One of the very reasons why I never wanted to start playing. So now of course I have since downloaded and played the original version and Angry Bird Seasons.

Tuesday we had a break from Tball as my son’s team had a BYE week this week. That was nice to have a break. I was in the mood to go to CVS to check out what’s new and I found this cute little train case by Wet N Wild. Although I was tempted to buy it I ended up just buying one palette from their new Dream Weavers Collection.  Check out Nouveau Cheap’s post on this collection. CVS only had 3 of the 6 palettes when I went. I chose the Enter a new Realm because I don’t have a red eyeshadow. I also picked up a repurchase of my new favorite hair product: FX Special Effects. They’ve since repackaged their products but I’ve had to do away with Catwalk because FX is way more affordable considering I go through the product with all my hair! I’ve been using the Curls Up mousse and the Curls Booster Spray. I also bought a few new nail polishes and a new Sally Hansen nail wrap polish to strengthen my nails.

On Wednesday night this week I went on a Girls Night Out with some friends. One of my friends was craving Steak and Lobster and I recommended The Boat House. Since we’re all on a budget, we couldn’t go to the most shabby, high end steak and seafood restaurant. The Boat House offers $9.99 Lobster dinner on Wednesday nights. My Husband and I used to go quite often years ago. They also have $9.99 prime rib dinners on Fridays and $9.99 crab legs dinner on Thursdays that we used to go to as well. We enjoyed our dinners with some appetizers, cocktails, and 2 pitchers of Sangria! YUM! It was a night of great girl talk, no kids, no Hubbys and great company!

Thursday I enjoyed a relaxing day at home. My kids and I stayed in our pjs all day. It was nice. I did some light chores and caught up on reading blogs. 
And today, Friday I’m lounging at home while doing laundry. I was able to get away with NOT doing laundry all week. It helped that I did all our laundry at my parents house before we came back from vacay.  So now I guess it’s really back to normal of loads of laundry…yup our vacation is over. 
Our plans for this week..no tball. So Hubby and I are going to the Del Mar Races and staying for the Weezer concert. I’m pretty bummed because we were supposed to go see Chelsea Handler of Chelsea Lately (one of my favorite comedians) but tickets were hard to get when we finally decided we could find a sitter. I’m sure the races will be fun again. Wish ME luck….

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