Goodbye shiny and oily face!

I’ve found my holy grail!!!

I have finally found my oily/shiny face solution….my holy grail!!!! Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feel Good is the best! I heard about this through Dulce Candy’s YT video. My old routine with makeup and trying to keep the shine away used to be multiple products. I’ve used everything from blotting papers, matte powder, mattifying powders and creams as well as Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray. No matter how many products, the shine appeared. 

All the products I’ve used
I told myself I would check it out the next time I went to Ulta. Well, we were in Arizona for the weekend and as I had mentioned before, Ulta’s are as popular as Starbuck’s are out there. They’re everywhere compared to here in San Diego. It was 112 degrees the day we arrived. We were killing time before meeting friends for dinner so I went to Ulta. I went straight to the Benefits counter started asking questions. The lady at counter had me sit down and she started giving me makeover. The minute she use Dr. Feel Good on my face, I felt amazing. My biggest problem before was after all the products I had used that were supposed to help, my face still became oily and shiny after a few hours in the heat. Being in San Diego is nowhere near as hot as Arizona so if the product worked in 112+ degrees, then it is sure to work in San Diego. Needless to say this stuff was Ahhh-mazing! I had even tweeted about it while I was in Arizona because I couldn’t believe my face was still shine free and my face makeup was in tack! I shared my discovery with my Best Friend who were were visiting while out there and she too has the oily face problem. So she’s excited to give Dr. Feel Good a try too! 

So the Dr. Feel Good is an invisible, oil-absorbing balm that instantly gives your face a matte finish. It’s great to use over or under makeup. Again, it is amazing and exactly what I’ve been needing for years now!! This retails for $28

Some of my other favorite Benefit products:

Hello Flawless!
The hello flawless! powder feels like light powder but the coverage of foundation. It even has SPF15! It is available in 9 different shades which helps everyone. This retails for $34. 

Stay don’t stray

Stay don’t stray is a great primer for the eyes that keeps the shadows and concealers from staying and not creasing. I use this more often than I use my UD Primer Potion or Two Face Shadow Insurance which used to be be my two favorite eye primers.

The Erase Paste and Boi-ing concealer are my favorite concealers as well. For me, boi-ing is great for the uneven spots. Erase paste is a creamy brightening concealer to mask those dark circles, uneven skin, blemishes and discolored areas. I use the Erase best under my eyes and the boi-ing on the spots on my face. Both products are available in 3 different shades. Erase paste retails for $26 and Boi-ing retails for $18.

Erase Paste – Deep
Boi-ing concealer

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  1. Jenn

    Its kind of like Mally's pore defender.. I wanna try this. xoxo

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