Paper Jamz Pro Microphone Giveaway from Night Owl Mama

I heard about the Paper Jamz Pro Microphone a month ago and thought to myself “Oh my goodness…my kids would LOVE this!” When the Paper Jamz line first came out they begged me for guitars. Of course…I waited til I found them onsale and then bought them. My kids are in love with them. Being that they are “aspiring Rockstars” it just fit them. The Paper Jamz collection also has an amp, lap drum kit and now a microphone! What a perfect BAND! There’s even a playlist!

Here’s your chance to win the Pro Microphone from Night Owl Mama
Read the Giveaway Rules here. But be sure to go to Night Owl Mama for complete rules and instructions.

More photos of my boys and their Paper Jamz guitars

Good luck!

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