30 Day Blog Challenge – Day1: Your Current Relationship

As I was reading blogs late lastnight I was catching up on one of my favorite Blogger’s site. TextBook Mommy’s 30 Day Blog Challenge. Like her, I wanted to join in on this challenge. Along with blogging and product reviewing, these challenges found on the blogging world are fun! Click here for the list of topics for the challenge. So here it goes….

Day 1: Your Current Relationship

I am happily married to a great Man. I’ve been married for 6 years. My Husband and I are Middle school friends and didn’t start dating until 2002. We’ve been friends, but nothing more. We’ve had the same group of friends and have always been there for eachother. Years later I moved back to where we grew up and we were reunited and hung out with the same group of jr high/high school friends. In fact, we were always eachothers “date” for certain functions, or we were always the only two single ones out of our group of friends when we went out. 
Reunited at Happy Hour after 
First reunion of my friend since second grade, my Hubby and  our good friend Daniel
2002 Not yet dating. I was his date to his school reunion

We had known eachother for years already so the relationship seemed so easy. No trying to impress one another or anything. After dating for a few months, we moved in together and a year later we got engaged in Aruba during a 2 week Caribbean cruise. It was unexpected even though we had talked about marriage. We moved to Arizona during our wedding planning, but still came back to beautiful San Diego to get married. We returned to Arizona and soon started our own little family…..

Our Wedding Day 2005

We how have 2 little boys and have enjoyed the past 6 years of our lives. We are inseperable and do everything together. My Husband works hard and takes care of us, doing everything he can to make sure we’re all happy. Marriage always has its challenges, but we’ve been able to overcome those obstacles. 

You won’t want to miss the next challenge: Where you’d like to be in 10 years?
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Be sure to stop by Textbook Mommy’s site and follow her. Let her know I sent you! 

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  1. Unknown

    o-m-GOSH, I totally wish I would've know you were going to do one – I would have joined with you!!! I jus' wrote an article last night on 'Blog Hops' and made mention of you… it is HERE… I'd love to host one 2gether at some point! Though I'm participating in another one, I will DEFINATELY be back to check yours out… beautiful story, keep having fun!!! Your Friend, XoXo, Mercy of MB_WOO.MOM

  2. @Mercy Let me know when you get yours going too!
    @Oomph Definitely has. Thanks for reading!

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