30 Day Blog Challenge – Day5: Favorite Comfort Food and Why?

Day4: Favorite Comfort Food and Why?

Ooh, comfort food? Yikes! This post might break some people’s diets! 

We all have our favorite comfort foods. Some healthy, some not so healthy. Here are list of some of my favorites, I don’t just have one.

Avocado, bananas and milk

B&J’s Chocolate Macadamia ice cream
Swedish Bread

The avocado, milk and bananas and the Swedish bread are my comfort foods because they remind me of my Grandparents. Spending many years and Summer vacations at my Grandparents house in Monterey, CA. My Grandparents cooked a lot. They always were up super early cooking breakfast. While the grandkids were eating breakfast, they were cooking lunch. While lunch was being eaten, they were preparing dinner. We never went hungry in their house. My Grandpa used to bake the swedish bread. He made it many times during the year, but especially around holidays. After my Grandpa passed away, my Dad continued the tradition. My parents recently visited me in San Diego and baked up 8 loaves of bread. The smell that lingered throughout our three level house reminded me of my Grandpa’s baking. The avocado, milk and bananas reminds me of early mornings with my Grandparents when I didn’t want to eat breakfast. I’ve never really been big on eating breakfast. But I would always eat the avocado, milk and bananas. Til this day I eat it regularly and always think of my days with my Grandparents. As for the Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream…who doesn’t love a whole pint of ice cream to themselves?

What’s your favorite comfort food…and why?

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