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So honored and excited to be featured and mentioned as a new member to Blog PR Wire. I laughed and giggled with the post from Karrine. She mentions a fear of Orcas. Of course to me they are cute from afar and when behind a giant glass. Being that my Husband has worked for Seaworld for over 20 years, my family and I have come love Orca whales. 

I found Blog PR Wire when I was searching online for other affiliates and opportunities for Bloggers. Blog PR Wire has great resources for Bloggers. They help connect media and advertisers with Bloggers. I’m still new but I love what they have offered thus far. I’ve gotten tips and have found more bloggers just like me. 
Thank you Karrine and Blog PR Wire!

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  1. Unknown

    wow, good for you!!! CONGRATS!!! XoXo, Mercy of MB_WOO.MOM

  2. ellavenus

    Thank you for posting this article in this forum I will bookmark this page and tell my friends about this …

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