Family pets deserve to be healthy too

I have a cat that is going on 11 1/2 years old. She has been my companion since she was a kitten. Meka, has been my baby for years and has been with me as I’ve built my family. My boys love her, can’t say much for my Husband. He was allergic to cats prior to us dating, and eventually got immune. She is a clean indoor only cat and does not shed a lot. So it was easy for him to not have allergic reactions as he got used to her. 

We’ve noticed a change in Meka over the years. She’s getting slower, not as playful and we’re starting to accept she is getting old. There comes a time when I have to start taking care of my cat’s health just as I would for the rest of my family. I was recently introduced to Hills Science Diet cat food. Thanks to BzzAgent, I was offered to try the product for FREE. I received a coupon for FREE 7lb bag of Hills Science Diet Age Defying cat food. As a previous Petsmart employee, I know how important it is to take care of your pet as well as all the healthy food and resources Petsmart and many other pet stores have. 

Hills Science Diet for Senior Cats 11+ years is veterinarian recommended. The Age Defying formula fights the signs of aging. The typical signs of aging are:

  • More accidents in the house
  • Sleeping more
  • Less agile
  • Less interaction with owners
This product claims to fight the signs of aging in 30 days. It is supposed to help healthy brain function supporting healthy brain and cognitive function with fish oil. Its small kibble is easy to chew and digest for older cats. The L-carnitine will increase lean muscle mass supporting typically lost by older cats. It contains 11 essential amino acids to help maintain healthy organs. Last but not least, the controlled levels of phosphorus, magnesium and sodium will help bladder health.

Here she is testing out Hills Science Diet
We started off weaning Meka off her regular food by adding Hills Science Diet to her food bowl. She was quite picky at first. But a week into it now, she’s eating like normal. We’re hoping to see improvement in her activity soon. If you don’t have a cat, Hills Science Diet offers dog food as well.

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