San Diego Spot Light: Rueben H. Fleet Science Center

Located in lovely Balboa Park, I have grown up loving this place. Balboa Park is home to the famous San Diego Zoo as well as many other museums. I remember going to Balboa Park as a field trip in 5th grade. We stayed a week at the local elementary school and learned about all the fascinating history and hidden gems of Balboa ParkNow that I’m a Mom, I want to instill the beauty and education of nature and museums. Balboa Park is one of the best places in San Diego to start. 
We often get free admission tickets to many of the museums in the park, including the Zoo. Because the exhibits and change often, we love going as often as we can. A few months ago I took my boys to the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center, one of my favorite museums in Balboa Park. I love that is a hands on, educational and fun place. Even as an adult, I learn something new each time I visit. 
My boys love the hands on experience here. During this visit we watched a movie in the IMAX theater called “Tornado Alley“. It was the boys first time in an IMAX theater. Their first experience really listening, watching and learning about tornadoes and storm chasers. I found the movie to be very interesting and educational. I normally watch shows and stories about storm chasers on the Weather Channel or on Discovery. The IMAX experience made the tornadoes feel that much more real.

We spent a good amount of time at the museum. The kids stopped to play, touch and ask questions about almost every exhibit. There were some new exhibits and some we’ve seen before yet they still inquired. I think Hubby had just as much fun as the kids since he hadn’t been to that museum since he was a teenager. The exhibits consists of everything from illusion, geometry, identity, science, astronomy, energy and more. 

Another kid favorite in the Science Center is a place for kids age 5 and under called “Kid City“. It’s a great little place for kids to have fun and learn within their means. Colorful, small and kid friendly helps kids feel interested in learning. My kids could stay here for hours if I let them. Included in the exhibit are computers where kids can play friendly, educational games. 

I could go on and on about the Science Center. As I mentioned, it’s one of my favorite museums in the entire Balboa Park. If you’re ever in San Diego, definitely try to make it to Balboa Park and make some time for the museums. 

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