30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 2

Today I am thankful for MY PARENTS! My parents have been an important part of my life. Although not as close as some people are with their parents, they are loved. They are so good to my kids and my kids love being with Mama & Papa. Today I drove 2 hours to meet them as they were off on a road trip. They offered to take my youngest son, Kameron for the week as they spent the week in Las Vegas. They love having their Grandsons with them as often as possible. Unfortunately 4 of the 5 Grandsons live in San Diego. My parents are young at heart, fun and adventurous and the grandkids love them!

Thank you Mom and Dad for all you’ve done. You’ve been a great inspiration to me and great role models. 40 years of marriage have given me a solid ground and understanding of what a marriage is all about! 

What are you thankful for today!?

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