Juiceology Review & Giveaway


Juiceology is a new juice with unique fresh ingredients for a healthy diet and daily wellness.

Juiceology comes in five different flavors. Some are classic flavors such as Apple and Concord Grape, while others are more exotic like Pome Blue Cran, Blueberry Acai and Peach Mango. My favorite was the Peach Mango. I love most things peach mango. I blended it with a few ice cubes to give a smoothie taste. The Peach Mango is made with the freshest fruits or peaches, mangoes, vitamin C, whole grain extracts and vegetable fiber. My Husband’s favorite was the Blueberry Acai. Juiceology has no sugar added. Each bottle is 70% juice and only 19g of sugar . All natural ingredients, zero fat and only 97 calories….the perfect juice of choice! The best thing about it is that are no bad after taste in your mouth that many other wellness or healthy juices leave.

Juiceology is currently available in Southern California at supermarkets including Ralps, Gelson’s and Bristol Farms but is expanding across the US and will be soon available in some other states as well. 

Want to win your own chance to try Juiceology all natural superjuice? Enter to win below!

This post was sponsored in exchange for my honest review and opinions. All opinions expressed are my 100% mine.

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