Baby Signing Time

While watching my favorite Tuesday night show Switched At Birth on ABC Family, my 4 year old sat next to me looking confused about what I was watching. I explained to him about sign language and told him that his big brother had learned sign language when he was a baby. 
My oldest, Konnor took to Baby Signing Time so well and easy when he was about 7 or 8 months. He watched the DVDs everyday and learned so many different signs. He was able to communicate with us, the necessary actions before he started to talk. It was great! I enjoyed it so much too that it inspired me to take a few classes of ASL at the local community college, just for fun. 
My youngest child however, didn’t take to Baby Signing Time much. I tried to play the DVDs for him as a baby and teach him as I signed the basics, but he never caught on. So lastnight after our discussion I told him we still had the DVDs and that we could sit down to watch it together. We watched it as it brought back such cute and adoring memories for me as I used to sit with my now almost 6 year old. The songs and jingles all made me smile and giggle as I sang along. As I glanced at my 4 year old, he didn’t have the same excitement for watching or learning it. Half way through the DVD he tells me, “Mommy, I don’t want to watch the other DVD after this is finished.” My heart sank and I admit, I was disappointed. My boys definitely have two completely different personalities and learning abilities. In any case, I loved Baby Signing Time and it helped us greatly when our first child was a baby. Konnor enjoyed using sign language even when he started to talk. 

Below is one of my favorite clips of him using his most favorite sign “more”. Although he used to say “bye”, but sign more. LOL

Do you have a child that learned baby sign language? How did he/she take to it?

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  1. Leah

    We have our first little one (7 months old) and we are introducing signing to her a little bit at a time. I can really see those cognitive muscles working. We are making it up as we go along, but it is great to hear about the videos.

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