My Five Mom Inspired Driving Tips

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We grow up waiting for that day when we can finally get our license and drive. For me, I didn’t get mine license until I was 18. Yes, I had paranoid parents, which at the time I thought was ridiculous. But since becoming a parent myself, I realize why my parents waiting for me to gain trust and responsibility. Afterall, that is what driving is all about.

As a Mom we all become very worried about being on the road with our kids. I know when I became a first time Mom, everything I did was always 110% more safe when done with my new baby in tow. Call it paranoia but I always worried about the safety of my baby. Yes, I had the mirror in the back of the car facing my child’s carseat carrier. I was one who didn’t turn the radio up too loud in case baby was crying. When Husband was driving, I’d be in the back sitting as close to my baby as I could. 

I’d like to think I’ve always been a safe driver. I have only been in one accident since I started driving, and it was NOT my fault. Now that I am a Mother of two boys I still take my driving very seriously and use caution whenever I’m behind the wheel! My biggest fear or worry is driving in the rain. If I don’t have to, I don’t. Living in Southern California, some people still don’t know how to drive when it drizzles, let alone when we get the down pours we occasionally get. 

Five mom-inspired driving tips I’d like to share come from common sense and personal experience.

Safety First Seat belts buckled, everyone sitting correctly. I do not move the car unless all my passengers are safely buckled in their carseats, booster chairs or seats.
Stay off my rear, and I’ll stay off yours. Keeping your distance is a very important tip. When I first learned how to drive I stayed clear of any cars when at stop light. I remember my Dad laughing at how far back I stopped behind a car. 
Keep the noise level down Of course, easier said than done with little ones in the car. But between the radio, kids, conversations and traffic, I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on the road when all else is going on behind me in the car. Sometimes when my kids start to bicker or argue in the car, I give them one warning. If I have to pull o
ver, then that’s exactly what I do.
Speed Limit and Street Signs They are posted for a reason. Don’t you just hate the jerk that fails to stop at a stop sign? Do you sometimes wish there was a cop around when that happens? I do!! When driving with passengers, and especially your precious cargo, the kids use caution and obey all signs while driving. It’s for your own safety.
Don’t Rush, Be Courteous You should never need to speed. Everyone on the road is going somewhere. There should never be a reason to speed or rush through traffic (of course unless your water broke and you NEED to get to the hospital asap.) Drive and be courteous of all those around you. As I said, we’re all on the road to get somewhere. Being courteous means you don’t have to be follow the jerk that gave you the finger or overtook you on the road. Be the better person and let it go.

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