Content by Mauricio Benson
My whole life I have been a big fan of burritos. They are probably one of my favorite all time foods. My husband and I have always liked Mexican food, but when they started opening up all these burrito places we started going to them all the time. Our favorite place is not real fancy. In fact, you just go up to the counter and tell the person working there what you want on the burrito as you go down the line. They stack everything up for you and then roll it up into a giant burrito. Then you just go find a table and pick up a drink and salsa for your chips. It is mostly self-serve except for fixing the burrito. You see a little bit of everything at this place. On one side you listen to all this crazy oldie music. There are pictures all around the room that look like famous musicians, but they are really just impersonators. The other room is where you can watch television. I made a comment one time to someone who worked there that the program we were watching was so clear, and she told me that it was satellite television they got from DIRECTV Boise. Once we get finished eating our giant burritos we usually are so full we feel like we need to be rolled out to our car. I usually can’t eat the next day because I am still full from the night before.

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