Little League Opening Day

Baseball season is in full swing with my boys and their baseball teams. A month of practicing and finally Opening Day is here. The boys were so excited knowing it was “a big day” for Little League. Kameron is playing Tball this year (again) and Konnor is playing Rookies. Both are playing for the same league this year unlike last year. And yes, both are on the DODGERS!

Along with Opening Day celebrations both boys also had their first games of the season. The toughest part about having both kids in baseball at the same time is dividing my time watching their games. Yes, I was jumping field to field after spending almost 6 hours at the Little League fields. And that’s only the beginning….

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  1. They are so cute! There is just something about little boys in uniform that makes me smile. I agree it can be challenging to divide time between kids. Luckily, I have one in soccer and one in swim on different days – the only problem there is I'm playing chauffer more often.

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