Don’t give up on high heel comfort. Try Dr. Scholl’s for HER

Since becoming a SAHM, I’m found mostly wearing flats, sneakers, flip flops and sandals day in and day out. I miss wearing the daily heels, wedges and cute shoes I used to wear daily to work. Nowadays it’s only on special occasions, date nights or the occasional girls nights out where I am able and excited to wear my cute shoes that I’ve been dying to wear. Of course, wearing those cute shoes comes with a price…aching feet by the end of the night! I only have 2 pairs of heels out of my many pairs that I can absolutely say are 100% comfortable. But I’ve got way too many shoes to only wear those two. Well I’ve finally found the perfect comfort!! For me…it is the answer to a night of dancing or walking around in those oh so adorable shoes that were once oh so uncomfortable!  
We’ve all been there before….cute but uncomfortable shoes. Sometimes we want to give up on wearing our favorite heels. Us women love to look cute, even though we have to pay the price at the end of the night with hurt, tired feet. Well don’t give up! Well Dr. Scholl’s now has the perfect insoles for women and our heels! Perfectly designed to fit in our high heels, the Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heel insoles work perfectly to prevent aches and pains caused by heels 2 inches or higher. The ultra-soft gel arch provides the perfect comfort by shifting off the ball of your foot while providing guaranteed comfort all day long. 
Now you can go out and feel confident in your cute outfit, cute shoes and strutting your stuff without the aches in your feet. These insoles fit perfectly in all high heels. The have the perfect adhesive to stick and stay in place. 
Two of my other favorite products from Dr. Scholl’s that is a must have for wearing heels are the Ball of Foot cushions and the heel liners. Works perfectly together!

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Thanks to BzzAgent for providing me with Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles. All opinions are 100% my honest opinions. #Imabzzagent

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  1. Unknown

    So true, I have given up entirely on high heels. I too live in sneakers, chuck taylor's and flats. I will have to try with Dr. Scholl's products some heels I've been meaning to buy. I just need to work on my courage of chasing a toddler in heels! haha.

  2. I know what you mean Maribel. I too had to steer clear from heels for a long time. But that my kids are older I try to wear them whenever I get the chance. It helps because my Husband is 6'4 and I'm only 5'2! These insoles are truly comfortable. Makes a big difference in my heels. I use the ball of foot cushions by Dr. Scholl's quite often too!

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