Buy shoes in a vending machine?

On a recent Vegas trip, I discovered a vending machine that sold shoes. Not just any shoes but specifically for women. ROLLASOLE! They were ballet flats, “shoes that roll up into your handbag – ready when you are”. What a brilliant idea!!! If you’re a lady who loves to wear the cutest most uncomfortable heels, pumps, stilettos or wedges, you know you’ve felt like kicking off your shoes and having flats with you. For me, I know I sometimes bring an extra pair of flip flops in the car for the drive home or whatnot. But how cool is it to have these bendable, rollup flats to carry in your handbag. Or when you’re in need and see a vending machine to buy comfort shoes, Rollasole is perfect!! Well with Rollasole, you can. They are still cute and stylish and have several styles and colors available. Prices start at $19.95

I know these types of shoes or flats can be purchased at some drugstores, but it was such a perfect place to have them as a vending machine…in LAS VEGAS!! I’m not sure why I never thought of it…but it’s one of those things that makes you say, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?” I just had to share my findings and blog about it because it’s such a great idea. So any of you ladies that are in Vegas and find yourself in cute but uncomfortable heels….by the end of the night you will definitely need Rollasole! Look out for them!

I’m not sure why this picture didn’t come out when I tried to take a picture of the actual vending machine I came across in The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. (Right)

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  1. Heather J

    Ha! Interesting. What do the shoes look like!

  2. I didn't actually buy any THIS time,but it looks like they are ballet flats. I'm thinking they are similar to ones you can find in Walgreens or They are cute and great for those times when you need the extra comfort after walking in those stilettos or high heels.

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