Official First day of 1st Grade

Dressed and READY TO GO
Summer has really come and gone. Though we’ve had an eventful Summer, it is now time to settle back into the school routine! The school district is starting a week earlier this year. My son was excited to go back. Although he wasn’t excited about going to bed early and waking up early he was ready to see his school friends and start his 1st Grade year. So the day has come and the day went off without any bumps or meltdowns! He woke up without hesitation,  got showered, his teeth brushed, dressed, school stuff ready, breakfast and we were out the door by 7:15am. WOO HOO! Early! School didn’t start til 8am! But it’s ok. It gave us time to find parking (parking is ridiculous at his school) and find his classroom. We already knew what teacher he was getting.
One of the best things about this school year is that he was getting the teacher both he and I wanted him to have. Last year she was a combo Kinder/1st grade teacher. As a Kindergartner, Konnor was in 1st Grade level reading in the beginning of the year and by the third quarter he was in a 2nd grade reading class. So he knew his new 1st grade teacher and was excited. I liked her too and knew it would be a good year for all of us! Konnor was also excited because we knew which kids were going to be in his class again as well as which of his friends would be in a other classes. One of his friends from EAK (early Kindergarten) is in his class again. 3 years in a row now. He’s happy about that one!
Both my Husband and I took Konnor to school. Last year my Husband was out of town on business during Konnor’s first day of school. He felt so bad but I of course had pictures to share. This year we all walked into school (along with Little Brother, Kameron) with nothing but positive vibes. 
So the bell rings and the teacher opens the door, says Hi to all the parents and kids and Konnor marches right to the door. His teacher is excited to see him and greets him with a huge smile. Then…gone! He’s in his class and doesn’t even turn around to say “goodbye.” I turned and looked at my Husband and said, “Did he just walk away without saying anything to us?” And my Husband says, “Yep…looks like it.” So as we started to walk away I tried to peek in the class and his teacher says, “Come on in.” I start walking in and my Husband tries to give me the “No, let’s go and let him start his day” look. But yes, I did join his class for awhile to see where he was sitting, who else was in his class…etc. I felt hurt, sad. He didn’t once look up as he sat as his desk and played with his playdoh the teacher had provided. Finally I just said, “Goodbye Konnor have a great day.” He looks up and says, “Thanks Mom.” And I waited….and said, “I love you buddy”. All I got was a smile. *GASP* Is a 6year old, 1st Grader to old and grown up to say “I Love You Mom” in front of his classmates? He’s lucky I’m not an emotional wreck when it comes to those kinds of things. (Anymore!) 
Has this happened to you with your kids? 
Finding his classroom
Mackenzie and Konnor

My Baby all grown up and ready to take on 1st Grade

How did your first day of school for your little ones go? Share your stories, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Heather Jones

    I've been reading about everyone's first days of school, I have a few years still before my oldest is off to kindergarten. But I think by then I will be excited for him to go. 😉 He's three. He probably was just really excited, but it always tugs on the heart strings a little to have them get older and become more independent.

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