Autumn Blog Challenge: What was your high school reunion like? If you haven’t been yet, do you plan on going?

I graduated high school in 1993. I went to two high schools growing up. One in Northern California (Adrian Wilcox High School) and one in Southern California (Junipero Serra High School). I actually graduated at the one in Northern California. I attended my 10 year for Serra high school in 2003.  I opted to attend the school I did not actually graduate from because I was living in San Diego and I wanted to connect and see my old friends. It was fun. My now, Husband also went to that school and graduated the year before me. We actually attended his 10year the year before. At the time we weren’t even dating, just went as friends. It was nice because we went in a big group of our friends who we went to school with and still kept in touch with. So going to my reunion was the same. Went with a group of friends that we were still in touch with. It wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Everyone and each “clique” from High School still stayed together during the reunion. It was nice to see everyone, but it’s not like I kept in touch with most of them. Thanks to Facebook it’s easier to keep in touch with those “acquaintances”. We recently ditched my Hubby’s 20year in July because it was expensive and we already keep in touch with the ones we care about. Mine will be coming up but again, I don’t think we will be going. 
The only friends I need are the ones I already keep in touch with. All others are on Facebook and we comment on eachothers pictures and comments from time to time. If I wanted a get together, I could easily set one up. Just my opinion….
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