See you at Blogalicious! #Blogalicious12

“What happens at Blogalicious…goes on your blog!”

I am so excited! In 2 days I will be attending Blogalicious 2012. Not only will Blogalicious be my first official blogging conference…but it’s in Las Vegas! What better place to go…Red Rock Resort & Casino. My home away from home….well, not really but I’m familiar with Red Rock Resort and I love it there. I’m happy to be able to attend the conference and bring my family along. One of the #1 reasons why I can’t attend as many conferences as I’d like is because I have 2 small children who I take care of on a daily basis. My Husband is a great supporter and hardworker, which leaves me as the Stay At Home Mom (Maid, Cook, Taxi Driver and Nurse to name a few). So choosing to bring my little ones along or leave them behind was difficult. Luckily I have family and friends in Vegas. Unfortunately my parents are out of town the weekend we’re in town but my Hubby was able to take time off and come along as well. This will make me stress less and be able to enjoy Blogalicious, to make the most of it!

What do I hope to get out of Blogalicious? 
Being that this is my first conference I am hoping to network a ton! I really don’t know what to expect, but I know I will take in a lot! Although I have been blogging for a few years now, I am nowhere near being an expert. I’m still a beginner and I love taking in all the new information I can from daily tweets and posts through fellow bloggers as well as all the exceptionally talented speakers and people who make Blogalicious possible. I hope to bring back all the knowledge from the people of Blogalicious. I’ve already met (via the Facebook Attendee Group) so many interesting, smart, and friendly bloggers. Thanks to  Taryn, she had a great post about maximizing your conference experience. Her tips are going to help me tremendously. 

Of course packing has been complete for a week now, I did search around the internet to see what must haves I need to bring for my conference experience. Thanks to she had a great post: Preparing for your First (or 50th conference). I knew I had to pack all my little gadgets as I kind of, never leave home without it. 
Most of all, I want to thank my good friend and Fellow Blogger Cynthia of Life By Cynthia. She is the one who gave me advice about volunteering. We all know these conferences are an investment. Being a SAHM of two kids, I don’t always have the extra funds to spend on myself. Especially with travel, it’s tough. I am attending by volunteering!! By volunteering at least 6 hours over the course of the weekend, I will receive an all access pass (valued at $275). This will include admission to all sessions, receptions, meals and a swag bag! Now that’s a great deal!! Not only will I get to experience this all for FREE in exchange for my time volunteering, I will be able to experience it with my friend Cynthia. 

So watch out Vegas…San Diego Bloggers are on our way!! I look forward to meeting new inspirations, new friends and most of all…learn as much as I can!! YAY!!!!
Thanks @brothatech!

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  1. Quiana

    Such a great post! I'm excited to meet you – my hubby's coming too but we're leaving our 2 year old at home with our family here in NYC. That's fantastic about volunteering – it's often an option I don't think many people know about. BlogHer this year was my first conference and very overwhelming so I'm looking forward to the intimacy of Blogalicious.

  2. Quiana, We'll definitely have to get together. I'm @lifeloveinspire on Twitter. Tweet me during the conference. Maybe we can meet at one of the events. I wish I would've went to Blogher. I found out about it too late. =(

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