My Experience at Blogalicious 2012: Recap

Make It Personal
WHEW! It’s been a week since I’ve been back from Blogalicious in Las Vegas. I’m still trying to take everything in. Finding time to sit and put everything into words has been almost impossible. If you read my previous post about Going to Blogalicious, you would know I was a part of the Social Squad (aka volunteer) which gave me full access to the conference. It was a great way to experience my first Blogging Conference As a volunteer of the Social Squad, I enjoyed stuffing the swag bags in preparation for registration as well as greeting all the Sponsors in the Expo Hall. It was a pleasure to meet, greet and help with many of the Sponsors and Brands while taking in all of the great information that on products and blogging practices. What better way to enjoy my first Bloggers conference by volunteering, yet still getting full access to the conference? This year’s theme was “Make it personal“. 

Most memorable sessions: Mario Armstrong gave the most compelling and inspiring talk in his From Free to Fee session. Both Mario and his wife were so passionate about what they do and sharing their experiences. I think it made everyone want to start his 21 Day Challenge as soon as we returned home. He made me realize that we all go through some ups and downs in life but we have to do something about it. When he showed us his bank statement and said, “S&^t just got real”, it made me laugh and at that point we were on the same page.  And his quote “You’re not just a blogger, you’re a Media company” had everyone shaking their head, “Yuuupp, uh huh!” Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of BlackandMarried with Kids and the entire Panel of the Box Tops For Education Town Hall gave a plethora of information about BTFE. I have been collecting Box tops for my Son’s school since he started pre-school. He enjoys grocery shopping with me to buy only the products that had box tops on it. But he also enjoys making sure he has the most turned in to get an award from his teacher. The entire panel had such great ideas on how to get involved with BTFE. My highlight was getting a picture with Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas from the group TLC. I had always admired her as a singer. I loved TLC and yes, I did dress like them in high school sometimes!

Me and @LifebyCynthia

The Parties: The #ShopYourWay Tea Party hosted by Kmart and Sears was such a nice mid-day gathering. I wish I would have dressed in my “tea party” attire” but honestly, I was too lazy to change. Greeted with awesome swag bags as we came in. They gave away 2 iPads!! Unfortunately I was not one of them. Cocktails, desserts and hor’dourves were delish. 
Then there was the Viva Las Ladies Night party. This was the perfect way to end the first day of the conference. Hosted by McDonald’s the party was amazing! The Red Rock pool area was transformed into a beautiful, colorful oasis. The music was on point with the old school songs, the DJ was spinning. And yes, I was even on the dance floor getting my Cupid Shuffle on! Massages, manicures, makeup, drinks, desserts, delicious foods (including McDonald’s cheeseburgers, hamburgers and chicken wraps), photo opportunities and more  made the Viva Las Ladies Night party. 

The New Friends: I had amazing time meeting so many new people. People from all other states that had all different kinds of blogs. Prior to Blogalicious I was excited to meet Uneeka Jay of Powerful U Media Group, Quiana of Harlem Love Birds and of course the Blogalicious team. On my first day of volunteering I met the most wonderful ladies, Stacey Ferguson, Chief Curator for Blogalicious, Jana Pauldin, Volunteer Coordinator for Blogalicious and Kaye Byrd of Ordinary Girls Guide. There were so many I chatted without through the weekend and I’m so glad we met and can still keep in touch. Belinda Baker, thank you so much for your help with my unruly hair! Your words will definitely help me “embrace my curls”. 

We didn’t go hungry through the conference. The catering was phenomenal! It was hard for me to stick to my diet when there was such a variety of food available. Although I am proud to say I was pretty good. The first day was “healthy” food and the second day at “comfort food”. Yes, comfort food! I can’t tell you how hard it was not to indulge. I did a good job, but I could’ve gotten carried away if I let myself. I found myself taking more photos of the gorgeous display of food (which you can see in the album below) more than anything else at the conference. (Shame on me.) I’m not even a food blogger. But hmm…maybe I should be huh?
And of course…the Swag Bag!
Just some of the stuff I received and picked up at Blogalicious

Photo Credit Blogalicious
Of course the Red Rock Resort & Casino was where the conference was held and as always it was amazing. I love Red Rock and have been there many, many times. (Well heck, my parents live right across the street) I have stayed there many times and have always enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the hospitality of all the employees. Restaurants are fabulous and there is so much to do! Movies, bowling, entertainment and of course gambling.

I have to admit my first experience at a Blogging conference has been phenomenal! I can’t say enough about how much FUN I had, how much I LEARNED and how many wonderful and talented people I MET. I definitely hope to be able to attend Blogalicious next year. Hopefully I can iron out details early enough to make my plans. I would love to see the ladies (and men) again next year!

Here are the photos I took throughout the conference. Excuse some of my photos, my photography skills are not 100%. BLOGALICIOUS 2012 

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    So much fun. I had a hard time writing all that I wanted to into just one post. ūüôā I'll have to break it up in chunks. Great memories, thanks Melanie!

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