Eat Clean, Train Dirty…Getting FIT

It’s been over a year and I have tried to make better choices for myself, eat healthier, workout and overall make some lifestyle changes. With the help of my journey with Shaklee 180 (formally known as CINCH) I was able to get a great start with losing weight, healthy eating and exercise!

I have recently started training with a friend who has been teaching me so much about my body, my limits, my strengths, eating clean and much more. Yes, I used to workout, go to the gym, run..etc. I never thought of changing up the exercises I knew to overcome that plateau I kept hitting. It has been a little over a month now that I have been training with weights. No, I don’t want to become a bodybuilder or anything like that. It is said that with strength training and weights (and eating clean) you can transform your body quicker. 
With the help of supplements, I have challenged myself to a whole new outlook on clean eating and exercise. They say it’s 80% diet 20% exercise.  Now that it’s been about 3 months of training and eating clean, I have learned to enjoy working out. I also do not crave the junk I used to eat (as much). I won’t lie…I still crave it from time to time, but I don’t let tempatation get me like I used to. I have since found many alternative foods to conquer my cravings. 
I started taking Herbalife Supplements. The supplements I have been taking are Herbalife Tea, Herbalife Cell-u-loss, Herbal Aloe Concentrate and Herbalife Formula 1 meal replacement (Shake). The Mint Chocolate I take to replace my morning meal is amazing. Who wouldn’t want to have be able to have chocolate for breakfast!? 
It’s not just the eating, workouts and supplements that have help with my new lifestyle, it’s the amazing people in my life who have supported me, motivated and inspired me. Especially to the many people I’ve met along the way online who have the same goals as I do. 
I have found so much help, motivation and inspiration within Social Media. I had blogged about my fitness inspiration before. Khristine from has always inspired me and mad me believe that it can be done. A Mom of 3 kids who puts in time for herself to gain strength, lose weight and be fit is the best motivation. Follow her on Instagram: fitxtine
My other inspiration is from my friend, Travis and his wife Ashley. Find them on Instagram Herbabeast7 and AshbFitness. Aside from his knowledge in health and fitness. He is such an inspiration. I was inspired by seeing pictures of Ashley before I even met her. Seeing her progress while training with her Husband made me realize I need to stop making excuses and start working harder. Travis helped me kick start my training regiment. He taught me alot about weight training and the proper way to train my body. I can only hope to be as fit and strong as he and his wife. 
This is my progress beginning February 2013 to May 2013. Keep in mind I had almost a month out of the gym with only upperbody workouts due to being sick and then having a boot on my leg for a strained achilles tendon.

My biggest progress I think is my backside. I hated having “back fat” around my bra strap area and it’s finally disappearing.  Although I have a lot more to go in my goals in weight loss and strength training I am very happy with my results. I had to learn to not look at the scale and not compare myself to others results. What matters the most is how I feel and how my clothes are fitting. I started a year ago at 159lbs and am currently 143lbs with strength and working on definition! I have learned not to worry about what the scale says. It’s more about how I feel. I have gone down a size in shirts and in pants/shorts. I have a few shorts and jeans that used to be snug that I can no longer wear because they’re too big.  A few outfits I’ve had that I’ve worn before, but didn’t quite nicely are fitting perfectly now or even too big! I dug out a pair of boardshorts (don’t ask my why I still had them) I had from YEARS ago that just last year wore too tight around the thighs and didn’t even close, now slips on with ease and is lose around the thighs. I’m excited about my journey and I feel blessed to all of my friends and family who have supported me and motivated me along the way.

If you’re beginning a new journey or have any tips and motivational words, please leave them below. If you have a blog or vlog where you’ve posted your journey, I’d love to read/watch. 

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  1. Blackbeast7

    Awesome results Mel. I'm so proud of you and all your hard work!!!

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