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I admit! I’m addicted to my planner and all the planner goodness. There is a huge planner community that exists and sometimes it’s a bad thing to be a part of it because you get all these ideas!! I’ve always been a planner junkie. I can’t just rely on my phone. I need to write things down. This year I decided to go with a planner that I could personalize with information. I didn’t want just a calendar, I also wanted a health & fitness section and daily pages. I went with an Etsy seller, Jennifer Davis of The Polka Dot Posie. She had such cute planners in her store and I was able to customize size, sections of a planner and best of all print it all myself. I love everything about the planner fun. It’s definitely a way to be creative and a bit of therapy for me. It’s not just my schedule of all the things I need to remember for myself and the family but a fun way to motivate myself to stay organized and on top of things. If you know me, you know I’m all about my planner and the calendar on my smartphone! 

The dilemma: I have always loved the Erin Condren Life Planner and I have used one a few years ago. This year, I wanted something different. After joining many Facebook groups on planners, I fell in love with the EC again. I didn’t want to buy one yet, but I thought I’d wait til next year. I was happy with my custom planner and enjoyed decorating it to my liking. Low and behold one of my favorite Etsy Seller’s Andrea of Scribble Prints Co. hosted a giveaway. Guess who won? I WON! The prize was an ECLP. Arrrrggghh! I was so excited! It arrived within 3 days and when I received it I wanted to immediately start decorating it. But on the other hand, I didn’t want to abandon my old planner. What to do? What to do? The ECLP is such a beauty. I can just stare at it and gawk. I almost don’t want to write in it. With the busy schedules we have going on right now with the move, I’m sure I can fill up the beautiful ECLP just as nice as my other planner. I know some people have multiple planners for different things. I am one of those people. But the other planner I use is specifically for my blog schedule and it is a simple one (purchased at Walmart) and is more practical for my blog schedule. I’m probably just trying to make myself feel better. Maybe I should just sleep on it and see how I feel about it in the morning. I really can’t let this stress me out. 
Are you a planner addict? What planner do you use? Do you have multiple planners?

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