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Frozen yogurt has made it’s comeback these past few years. In the 80s and early 90s I remember growing up as a kid excited to have “froyo” instead of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. When I introduced frozen yogurt to my kids they immediately enjoyed it. They love being able to choose their flavor(s) and put as many toppings on as they want.

Since moving to Vegas, we have missed going out for froyo. We didn’t have any good places around our neighborhood. I recently passed I LOVE Yogurt and was so excited to see a new frozen yogurt store in our neighborhood. The name says it all…but wait til you see the inside!
An 80s theme yogurt store! I was like a kid in a candy store! Yes, I grew up in the 80s and I love everything 80s. It’s such a nostalgic feeling. As we walked into the store my eyes lit up and I kept telling my kids what a cool place it was. Everything from, Ghostbuster’s playing on the tvs, 80s music on the speakers, boomboxes on the wall, 80s table arcade games, 80s trinkets from the slinky, Gizmo, black and white checkered VANS and 80s boardgames. SO RAD! They even had skateboard decks on the wall! Vision and Christian Hosoi boards. One of my favorite skaters back in the days! If you haven’t heard of Christian Hosoi you need to Google him!! Vision was a brand almost every skater (or non skater) wore. 
As many other frozen yogurt places, there was a wall of an assortment of flavors. This was the typical self serve yogurt store. They had about 12 flavors (with 80s names) like, “toasted stay puft marshmello”. I thought it was pretty funny. They had a good variety of toppings. Over 50 toppings from candies, fruits, syrups and more to choose from. Currently their prices for their yogurt per ounce was the cheapest I’ve ever seen. The store was clean, well kept and the Manager Dave was friendly and very informative as I asked a lot of questions about how they came up with an 80s theme store. Dave tells me they are not just a yogurt store. They will be hosting birthday parties and events. Be sure to ask about birthday party packages. They also stay open fairly late for the late night goers. I know I’m happy to hear that because sometimes during the summer my boys and I like to grab dessert to cool off, even if it’s at 9pm or later! It’s good to have a new dessert shop opened in our neighborhood. Not to mention it’s in the same strip mall as one of my favorite Las Vegas restaurants, Braddah’s 
I Love Yogurt even has a challenge: The Divo hat challenge. If you don’t know what a Divo hat is, you definitely didn’t grow up in the 80s. The Divo hate challenge is 100 ounces of yogurt and toppings in a Divo hat. If you can finish 100 ounces with or without a brainfreeze in 30 minutes you get it all for FREE! I have a brainfreeze just thinking about it! But for anyone who likes foodie challenges, I Love Yogurt has one for you! 
If you’re in the Centennial Hills area of Las Vegas, please stop by and visit I Love Yogurt. Go ahead and tell them I sent you! 
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Instagram: ILVYOGURT
Check out other photos of their store.

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