Go Somewhere with Kangeaux!

Are you an active parent on the go? An adventurous, travel fanatic? The new Kangeaux walkabouts are the perfect carrier for all your needs. Carry your waterbottles, cellphones and necessities with the Kangeaux. The must have for any adventure. I was excited to receive a Kangeaux. In fact I received 2! Pictured below is the Congaree – Centennial Collection. It was useful for our trip to New Orleans where we walked a lot. 
“As outdoor enthusiasts, we tend to live very active lifestyles.  We’re constantly on the go, juggling not only our activity-specific needs, but everyday carry essentials as well.  It was our own struggle with this dilemma that revealed a product gap in the outdoor industry.  We recognized the need for a simple, universal carrying device—one that was multifunctional and could easily attach to a hiker’s pack as a go-to hiking accessory, a climber’s harness, a mother’s jogging stroller…or even to the user’s person in the absence of a pack or pockets who is in need of a water bottle lanyard.  It needed to easily adapt to any average user’s needs but also be effective for every adventurer in the field. And that was the fuel that sparked Kangeaux’s creation of the carabiner hook.” – Kangeaux
This was perfect for my family and I ask we enjoy hiking and biking. But even you’re not an adventurous person, you can still enjoy this multi-functioning carrier for everyday use. My kids and I enjoy using it to hold a waterbottle. For quick walks it’s great to carry your keys and cellphone. It’s the perfect carryall! The carabiner clip makes it convenient to hang off of any backpack, bag, purse or even a belt buckle. The velcro strap makes it easy to wrap around anything with a strong grip. If you need a gift idea, this will be an ideal one! 

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