4 Gifts That Are Suitable For Every Occasion

4 Gifts That Are Suitable For Every Occasion 

You like giving thoughtful gifts, of course, but sometimes life doesn’t allow you that luxury. Sometimes you just have to wing it! The good news is that there are a number of gifts that will suit all kinds of people and occasions, so if you need a quick present for a vaguely-defined event or hat-chosen recipient, here are just four ways to scrape by. 

1. Plants Flowers are a bad idea because you can never be sure of someone’s tastes, preferences, allergies and lifestyle quirks. Plants, on the other hand, can be a great gender-neutral gift that can sit on a desk or windowsill. Buy something like a spider plant to truthfully say that it has air-purifying qualities. It will give you a justification for your choice, and the other person will never have to know the truth. 

2. Bath Products Everyone needs to bathe, so you can’t go wrong with bath products. Just make sure that they aren’t gendered items unless you know for a fact that your recipient is a man or a woman. Your male boss probably won’t appreciate a sparkly pink bath bomb! If necessary, buy something organic, minimalist or beige-toned that won’t ruffle any feathers when it’s opened. 

3. Gift Baskets Gift baskets are the ultimate savior when it comes to last-minute gifts. Not only are they fast and convenient, but they can also be quickly customized depending on the recipient. For example, if the person likes chocolate, you can give them a multi-brand candy basket. If they like tea, you can put together an exotic flavor sampler. Check out shops like Bisket Baskets to see more ideas! 
4. Novelty Socks If you’re looking for a funny yet inoffensive gag gift, consider a pair of novelty socks. They’re especially great for themed parties where you can buy reindeer patterns or ghost faces that will suit everyone and be appropriate for the event. Instead of stressing about your next Secret Santa exchange, just buy a pair of novelty socks and wait for the laughter to follow. Maybe it’s an office party where you aren’t sure what kind of gifts are appropriate. 

Maybe it’s a birthday or anniversary of a friend-of-a-friend that you only barely know. If you need a gift that will suit all occasions and events, use one of these ideas.

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